Author: AWATA Sei
Artist: AWATA Sei
Synopsis: A collection of short stories.

Story 1: ≠kids
"A hero can never be seen as weak. He must always be seen as perfect." Will the dead superhero's four children collapse under his rules and people's expectations, or will they finally break free?

Story 2: Lenny Worker
The cyborg "worker" number 02 just wants to live his life in peace. When he meets Kate, who calls him Lenny and treats him like a normal person, it seems he might have a chance. But then some other workers kidnap Kate and take 02 to join their gang...

Story 3: Lenny Worker Alternative
Two months have passed since Lenny took on the form of Angel to rescue Kate from the workers. Kate, who has been holding on to Angel's "core", gets a surprise visit from Lenny, who tells her he will take on Angel's form again. But something isn't right...

Story 4: Coyote
Summary to come...

Story 5: I am a Demon
Summary to come...